enemy. Is still a dead mandarin duck, by the dead Miaojianjian knife has not yet pointed to Liu Zhengyu, behind the two giant light will hit him at the same time, he was giant light shock fly a few meters, spray.a blood. Suddenly the enemy camp in a mess. Brother Liu, you run. Voice so familiar, Liu Zhengyu a little shocked, when they see the two sides flying to their side of the occasion, he was completely sober, the two is Shen Fei and Jiang Rong. The other dozens of people instantly react, the practice of slightly higher people, again and again Pichu a few palm, Shen Fei and Jiang Rong in the rush of the occasion, the back of a few Road palm, collapsed in front of Liu Zhengyu. At this time has not tolerated Cisco Certification Liu Zhengyu has the slightest hesitation, he also jumped, palms at the same time Pichao, two strong light to fight each other camp. The other dodge opened the occasion, dozens of light, scattered at the same time attack Liu Zhengyu. Liu Zhengyu legs crossed, his hands at the same time draw a semicircle, a CCNP Routing and Switching huge aperture block in front of the CCNP Routing and Switching it exam two pa.lm at the same time a push, the aperture and to the dozens of light together in the light together in one, Liu Zhengyu savvy, This continent of the continent, the old man t

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300-135 Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0) Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching